Kitsen Adventure

This is the first of the crew’s adventures.

The crew were at their home, the Orphanage of Saint Camwyn working on their cabinetry. Old Fiddle was giving them a hand and helping them along.

Later they met their friend Anrick, sitting on their garden wall. He told them he needed their help because there was something in their shed that was going to blow up if he couldn’t get to it. The shed was locked, though because Father Saood suspected people were messing around in there. Alex agreed to go get the key from Father Saood while the others went to the shed. David couldn’t be bothered waiting for the key and instead sawed the lock off.

Inside the crew found a still that Anrick had set up. He drained off some alcohol from it, but was worried the pressure would cause the still to explode. David released the pressure by loosening the bolts that held the lid down. Steam spewed from the side of the still, sending it spinning around the loft. Alex kicked it away where it landed below them beside Abel. The still exploded and knocked the loft loose and sent Abel flying out the door. Father Saood was angry and believed the lies that Anrick told which said that everyone was guilty of making the still. Teh crew were angry with Anrick.

Father Saood sent the crew to get a barrel of sand from the Johnson house so they could repair the shed. At the Johnson house, the crew found the door unlocked and a large blood-stain on the kitchen floor. Afetr further examination, Mark found a human finger. The crew heard and muffled sound from the basement and went to check it out. There they found Kitsen tied and gagged. They released him but found they were now locked in the basement. After breaking down the door to escape, the crew ran into the bad guys that had captured Kitsen. Alex and David stalled them while the crew escaped. Unfortunately, Alex was caught by them. David and Mark returned to rescue Alex while Abel went for help. He got help by running around yelling, “Murderers!” David and Alex killed the kidnapper holding Alex. The other two kidnappers chased Mark around some nearby houses, but gave up when they saw how many people Abel had attracted. Kitsen was rescued and was grateful.

The next day, two Red Sash showed up at the Orphanage to take the crew to jail. They didn’t know why, they were just following orders. Mark and Abel ran away, but Father Saood escorted David and Alex to the jail. Kitsen showed up later to proclaim that he had never intended the crew to go to jail and that they were heroes. The Red Sash let them out just as Mark and Abel were showing up to rescue them. To reward the crew, Kitsen offered to refer them to Knight’s training. The crew couldn’t afford it and neither could Kitsen, so he arranged to have them join the Night’s Watch instead. None of them realized at the time that this is a punishment that the judge inflicts on criminals.

The crew began training at the Night’s Watch Training Compound under the rough care of Douglas. He taught them how to avoid people with weapons by chasing them with a big stick and hitting anyone who didn’t hide well enough. He also threw rocks at them or had them hit each other with sticks. he also taught them basic sword stances and maneuvers.

The crew met Estelle while trying to steal some Red Sashes to go out on the town to meet women. Estelle told them of the Evening Club, a place the Red Sashes get together to fight each other for fun. It is a secret fight club under the Monkey Barrel and only Red Sashes are allowed to go there. The crew went there and got into some organized fist fights. Abel fought a stranger while David and Alex fought each other.

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